so bored

mary!!! 16!!!!! northern virginia!!!!

when I came home from work there was a hot dog in my bag just like a hot dog sitting there and I ate it

I haven’t been in DC in forever wow wait as I was typing this I just remembered I was there two days ago alright never mind

Anonymous: "you're super pretty and super skinny and your style is so on point and you live in a cool place and ur school sounds cool omg"

WOAH thank you so much that is cool of u 2 say!!

Anonymous: "ur everything i wana be"


Anonymous: "iwanabeyou"

why omg ???


Michael Moon - 1970

who wants to ask me anons I’ll be up for a while probably no one ok

my school is the language and tv production school so every morning they rap parodies or whatever and my favorite is “you only learn once” and “seven thirty” instead of black and yellow honestly my school is a hoot!